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How to find the best answers to everyday challenges

  • Struggling to come up with new and innovative ideas?
  • Got the idea but can't make it happen?
  • Frustrated trying to find the right answers?
  • Fed up of failed group brainstorming sessions?

Chris Griffiths (head of ThinkBuzan, the organisation behind Mind Mapping, the thinking tool used by millions worldwide) compels you to let go of what's killing your creativity. In just four clear steps, he shows you how to unleash bold, fresh ideas and solutions in a systemic way to help you triumph innovatively over any challenge.


5 modes of thinking... 4 simple steps... 1 winning solution


It's time to start thinking differently - success doesn't come from doing what's been done before!


Chris and his work have changed my life, and already millions of lives for the better worldwide. His work is in the process of doing the same for YOU."
Tony Buzan, Multi-million copy best-selling author and inventor of Mind Mapping


Chris shows with clarity and persuasiveness that creative thinking is not magic, but a process that can be learned, developed, and most importantly applied to the challenges, whether business or personal, that confront us all. An excellent resource. Grasp it."
Tim Hurson, Author of 'Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking'